About Us

About Us

What is Warrensburg Main Street?

As a volunteer-driven non profit 501c3, program we would love your support. We need people like you to make it all work and accomplish goals! If you are interested in more information or would like to volunteer feel free to give us a call or drop by!

  • Accredited by the National Main Street Program and Missouri Main Street Program
  • 1 of 32 DREAM* communities recognized by the state of Missouri
  • 1 of 7 State Accredited Main Street Programs in Missouri
  • To-date $2.4 million has been reinvested in the downtown area through the efforts of WMS and the help of grants, government appropriations and downtown business owner fund matching
  • Host oodles of exciting events, year-round to keep the community entertained and engaged

Main Street is the front door to a community, and this front door welcomes people into Warrensburg where learning and education identifies our past, present, and future. "
–Dr. Charles Ambrose, President of the University of Central Missouri

Why “Main Street” is Important…

At Warrensburg Main Street we understand the importance of tradition and the need for progress. People may wonder why we are so passionate about our mission, it boils down to this: a healthy downtown reflects a healthy economy and community.

Across America, communities are struggling. Like the crumbling city streets of Detroit, small towns too have been hit by the shift away from US production. Small town industry has all but disappeared and along with them, jobs. When jobs disappear, citizens disappear; as does commerce. Big box stores have played their part in this shift. The quest for “low, low prices” has lead to overseas importation often having been constructed with low cost labor and unsavory sourcing.

This shift has left many community healthy ‘mom and pop’ stores and restaurants between a rock and a hard place. They cannot offer the low prices of the big box and most unique ‘USA-Made’ products are a higher priced.  However, we can help them out. By supporting and purchasing from local businesses you keep diversity and local employment in your area. You will not only get the feel-good buzz from backing your community’s future, but also the esteem of knowing that you bought something from another person who has put themselves and their livelihood on the line for their business. Starting and running a business takes guts and thought. Unlike the big-box store small businesses are active in their decisions of what they sell and why. They know where they came from and why they bought them, they believe in what they do. That confidence can be yours too. They also believe that the customer is a person and will treat you that way. Give downtown a try today…and bring your friends.

Our Team


Executive Director- Kristel Reiman
Kristel is a long time resident of Kingsville. Kristel is active in her local community and she has also been very involved with Warrensburg Main Street for many years. She has served on the promotion committee and on the Board of Directors. She is also very involved with the Blaine Whitworth Foundation and passionate about small businesses and downtown Warrensburg. Kristel has been a constant fixture in the main street organization and has been a wonderful volunteer for several years prior to taking on the role of Executive Director. 

Amber Bradbury- Assistant Executive Director
Amber has a strong ability to connect WMS to the media and build a positive public image. She  also ensures that communication within the company is effective.  She has several years of background in managing her peers to work efficiently and as a team. 

As a volunteer-driven program we would love your support. We need people like you to make it all work and accomplish goals! If you are interested in more information or would like to volunteer feel free to give us a call or drop by!

Board of Directors

Michelle Hoskins- President
Kevin Smarr- President Elect
Sarah Craig- Treasurer
Rhonda Gelbach- Secretary

Teena Simon                                                           Mike Carey                                                             Katie Scully
Chad Edwards
Rex Smarr                                                       
Heather Counts
Jason Elkins                                                      

Harold Stewart: City Manager- Ex-Officio
Rich Lockhart: Police Cheif- Ex- Officio

*Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri